The average prices for romanian health tourism

Health tourism in Romania
Photo The average prices for romanian health tourism

Romania is a member of the European Union. It is nowadays the most popular destination for medical tourism in Europe. This is because accessible and cheap health care is available in this country.

Recent cases of disease outbreaks have contributed to the improvement of health care and medical services in Romania. As a result, many tourists from Europe and other continents come to Romania for a more affordable but satisfying healthcare. This guideline is to help you prepare your budget for your healthcare tourism with eDreams.

Why travel to Romania?

A wide range of medical treatment providers is available at a reasonable cost, including, but not limited to the following healthcare and treatment: 

  • Surgery: Cardiac, cosmetics, endocrine, ear-nose-throat, eye, and other 
  • Another surgery: cosmetic surgery, hair restoration, breast, obesity, and other 
  • Dental treatment: braces and crown attachment, dental implant, and other services 
  • Vaccinations 
  • Health screening 
  • Other treatments: cancer, gynecology, sports injury, and other

Average price for your health care

In order to know the estimated cost of your health care tourism, you have to plan your budget carefully. Here is what you can do: 

  • Set a budget for your travel and accommodation expenses: Your plane ticket cost will depend on your departure country. For that, the online travel agency eDreams can give you the right cost after entering your departure and destination countries. Plane ticket price depends on the carrier and on the season of your trip. Click on flights and hotels to know the travel cost and accommodation simultaneously. You need an accommodation if you are not going to stay at the accommodation provided by the healthcare center. 
  • Plan a budget for food: In order to know how much you will spend on food, it is advisable to look at a website on the average cost of living in Romania. In addition, it is important to know how long you will stay in the country. Another important factor is whether you like to eat out at a big restaurant, at your hotel, or buy your own food at a supermarket. 
  • Know your estimated healthcare expenses: The medical cost for health treatment will depend on the kind of treatment you receive. Prices of typical dental treatment are available at

However, if you are looking for other treatments, you can use the same website to find the healthcare center location, and the price of the accommodation at the healthcare center. Estimated prices are available in British pound, in Euro currency and in US dollars. Information about travel to Romania and other accommodation is not provided by the website.

How to get to Romania?

Romania is the dream destination for those in need of affordable healthcare. Not only will the medical tourism in Romania, enable you to have access to better health treatment, at a low cost; but it will be also an opportunity for you to discover the country and the lifestyle of the local people.

In order to know about your estimated budget for your trip and accommodation in Romania, visit the eDreams website, and follow the instructions. You can also book a car to get around the country from the same online travel agency website. It also allows you to book everything by phone.