Dental care in Romania : the good deal in Europe

Dental care Roumania
Photo Dental care in Romania : the good deal in Europe

Romania is among the most populous member states of the European Union. It has a predominantly temperate-continental climate. Romania is famous for having very good health care. This is probably due to the presence of recent disease outbreaks in the country.

Apart from that, going to Romania for dental care is a good opportunity to visit the country and save money for your dental care. Dental vacation is a kind of vacation during which you go to another country for dental health care. It has become a growing practice all over the world.

In Europe, Romania offers the best deal as far as oral health treatment and cosmetic dental healthcare are concerned. Here, eDreams offers some helpful recommendations for your medical travel in this country.

Why go to Romania for dental care?

Price consideration is the main drive to dental holidays in Romania. This new trend is getting more and more common in Europe due to the lower cost of dental treatment in this country.

All over Europe, Romania has the lowest cost as far as dental health services are concerned. More accessible and affordable public healthcare is another motive for Europeans to get their oral health care in Romania.

Experienced dental hygienists, surgeons, endodontists orthodontists, and technicians will take care of your oral hygiene at an affordable cost. If you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), your treatment is at a reduced cost or maybe free.

Cosmetic and oral dental treatments

Romania offers the cheapest cosmetics and oral dental treatments all over Europe. Services include oral treatment and cosmetic dental care. Other treatments are available, for gingivitis treatment, gums care.

If you need cosmetic dental healthcare, there is:

  • Brace attachment: for your teeth for a better occlusion 
  • Bridge attachment: if you need to have a set of false teeth 
  • Crown application: if your tooth is broken due to previously large fillings applications or if it has cracks 
  • Denture application: in order to easily replace your missing teeth

If you need oral dental healthcare, there is:

  • Cavity filling: if you have cavities in your teeth 
  • Tooth decay treatment: oral healthcare for bacteria infected teeth 
  • Root canal treatment and nerve removal: if you have a painful toothache, you need to have the best treatment for your root canals and remove the nerves from the aching tooth. 
  • Tooth extraction: if you need to remove your bad tooth

Dental vacations in Romania

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